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    Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap

    Liquid hand soap in short supply at your grocery store? Protect yourself and your family by making your own liquid hand soap at home! Easy recipe with natural ingredients, will have you sudsing up in just 5 minutes!

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    27 Uses for Liquid Castile Soap

    Consolidate your cleaning and beauty products by making your own, using liquid castile soap. This simple, natural soap is so gentle it can be used as toothpaste, yet it's a hard working disinfectant with many uses! Learn how versatile this…

  • What You Need to Start an Art Journal
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    What You Need to Start an Art Journal

    If you’re brand new to art journaling, but intrigued by the idea of having a private place to express yourself creatively, no matter your artistic background, you’re probably curious about what kinds of art journal supplies you’ll need. Perhaps you’ve…

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    What is an art journal?

    Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest and came upon many posts (or PINS!) that invite you to learn art journaling techniques and you ask yourself, what is an art journal, anyway? Today I want to share with you what…

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    Welcome to my blog!

    Hello, and welcome to my blog! I call this a creative lifestyle blog, because it’s about various things relating to my many interests.  Most involve my creative pursuits, making stuff and expressing myself through art.  I’m also into healthy living,…